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  U.S. Orders

Standard Shipping

Shipping via US 1st Class / Priority Mail is just $2.95 for orders shipped within the United States when the items you buy display this logo:

 Adds no additional shipping costs
 to the base shipping charge of $2.95 per order

Some heavier items require us to apply a small shipping surcharge.  These items display a logo like this:

 Adds 98¢ shipping
 to the base shipping charge of $2.95 per order

The amount added may vary by item.  For example, if an order includes two items with 98¢ shipping surcharges, the total shipping cost is $2.95 + 98¢ + 98¢ = $4.91. 

Express Shipping

You can have your order shipped via Express Mail for a base shipping charge of $18.95, which replaces the standard $2.95 base shipping charge.  In addition, any per item shipping surcharges will double.  So in the example above, Express Shipping would cost $18.95 + $1.96 + $1.96 = $22.87.  Express Mail is often delivered the next business day, but can take two business days.  If an Express Mail order arrives more than two business days after the date we ship, it is considered late.  Contact us and we will issue a refund of your shipping charges.

  Non-U.S. Orders

Rules stated for Standard Shipping above apply to orders shipped to countries other than the United States, but the following additional surcharge is added to your shipping costs:


• Add US$1.00 per order
• Per-item shipping charges as shown


• Add US$7.00 per order
• Per-item shipping charges double

So the example under Standard Shipping above would cost $2.95 + $1.00 + 98¢ + 98¢ = $5.91 to Canada or $2.95 + $7.00 + $1.96 + $1.96 = $13.87 to anywhere else.  Express Shipping is not available to non-US destinations.

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